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  • How Internet Exchange Points are Expanding and Improving Internet Access in Morocco  08/11/2023
    If you needed to send a letter to your neighbor, you wouldn’t choose to send it via airmail across the continent and back first. Yet, this is how Internet traffic is routed in some parts of the world. For example, it’s not unusual for Internet traffic in Africa to first travel to Europe before ending […]
  • Achieving Greater Heights for MANRS 02/11/2023
    Partnering with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), we believe that MANRS will continue to be further established as the globally recognized benchmark for global routing security. The post Achieving Greater Heights for MANRS appeared first on Internet Society.
  • Resources and Tools for Starting a Technical Community 25/10/2023
    Technical communities are our best partners to create a global movement of experts working together to build a stronger and more resilient Internet.Explore how you can start your own group to share best practices, get training, and collaborate to co-create solutions to local technical challenges. The post Resources and Tools for Starting a Technical Community […]
  • Network Usage Fees: The European Commission Plays Politics with the Global Internet 19/10/2023
    The European Commission is playing politics with the global Internet. It’s time it clearly rejected the idea of “network usage fees” once and for all. What is the European Commission doing? In February 2023, the European Commission launched a public consultation on “The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure,” a highly anticipated […]
  • Building More Affordable and Reliable Internet Access in the Arctic 18/10/2023
    Ulukhaktok Community Network Canada’s Northwest Territories has 33 communities, many of which are home to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals. The territory’s vast geography and remote nature of many of the communities has made it difficult to introduce fast, affordable, and reliable Internet due to expensive costs of infrastructure and a lack of economic […]
  • Techxit: The UK Declares Its Exit from the High-Tech Startup World 21/09/2023
    No one in their right mind would now want to start up a high-tech company in the UK. With a last-minute addition to the Online Safety Bill (OSB), the UK government made it clear that startups are no longer welcome in the UK. Previously, the OSB applied to “regulated services” that had to be above […]
  • What’s the Internet Like Today? 20/09/2023
    Every day as I get my son ready for daycare, I recite seven words: “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” The results from this now-‘ritual’ search dictate what he’ll wear, what type of extra clothes I will pack, and whether we’ll need a jacket for the bike ride. Whatever way you seek to learn […]
  • Could Tuvalu Sink Twice? 15/09/2023
    Tuvalu is sinking. It’s slowly but steadily being swallowed by the Pacific Ocean and will most likely be uninhabitable by 2100. Although there is a campaign to save Tuvalu from disappearing under the ocean water and to preserve its cultural legacy in the digital world, the fate of this small island nation is raising an […]
  • Encryption, Bad Bills, and Ripple Effects: How Riana Pfefferkorn Protects the Internet 11/08/2023
    We spoke with Riana Pfefferkorn, research scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory, about encryption and protecting the Internet. The post Encryption, Bad Bills, and Ripple Effects: How Riana Pfefferkorn Protects the Internet appeared first on Internet Society.
  • Why Internet Resilience Matters 02/08/2023
    The Internet Resilience Index (IRI) tracks open-source Internet resiliency metrics to support the development of policies and infrastructure to improve Internet resilience everywhere. The post Why Internet Resilience Matters appeared first on Internet Society.