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CPF Internship and Training Program Summer 2018

CPF Internship and Training Program
Summer 2018
Center of Excellence Centres

The idea of CITP-CoE initiative is to provide required exposure to real life problem statements and connecting students with experts in the field of Cyber Security and IT industry.  Nurturing the young generation towards community driven technical research and development and also preparing for their professional lives.

The internship and training program in 2018 summers in CPF Center of Excellence campuses has a been a new experience for the students, faculties and CPF team as well. While the on-campus activities were centered in BIT Meerut campus we had students and faculties participating in different projects from Royal Global University, Guwahati and UPES Dehradun.

The program is designed in such way to provide 360 degree exposure to the students. During the summer vacations CPF and Industry experts camp at one of the Center of Excellences which hosts the program. It runs for 45 days in the campus wherein experts share their experiences, startup entrepreneurs interact with the young generation. The students are encouraged to learn and apply the skills in real life problem statements.

The program has gone beyond the campus boundaries and some of the groups have worked in across campus and build projects of community importance. Some of the projects are now being tested and in a process to become real life solutions for the community.

Some of the key sessions and activities during the program:

Working in a team #ProjectManagement

This activity involves dividing the students in teams based on their area of expertise or the would like to choose from, the teams identified as:

  1. UI Team
  2. Backend Team
  3. Database Team
  4. Code and System Security
  5. Systems
  6. Integration

The teams has been provided a problem statement which was analyzed and designed in the sessions and the students are given assignments to complete the project within a time frame. The idea here is to focus on working in a professional team environment. Each team has chosen a team lead who should be talking to other team leads and keep an eye on the timelines.

The participants of the activity:

Anand Raje with Students

Software Development using Java Platform #SoftDev

The participants has been exposed to Java Development Platform for web apps, the training starts from basics of application development, web servers essentials, understanding basics of web app development and then working on a real life scenario using the learned tools and techniques

Students working on Java project

Internet Routing Project : LatencyProbe #PythonPHP

The essence of this program is not only delivering lectures but also encourage and motivate the students work on their learned skills to develop and innovate. While students were getting trained they were simultaneously becoming Industry ready and understanding the real life problems of different industries. The project aims at developing a probe network for web services availability, a completely community driven initiative. Here the students from different campuses worked together to develop the project.

Our internship provides a platform to work with teams spread across different geographies and this project was one of  the examples.

Abhishek working on Latency Probe project

Startup Connect #StartupIndia

The student had a chance to interact with startup ecosystem and understanding what it take to be an entrepreneur,and it all start with the campus life. The entrepreneurs from  a startup Xongl was with the students for one day sharing their product, ideas and encouraging students towards innovation.

Securing the Cyber Space #CyberSecurity

One of the key learning experience of this program was to understand the cyber security paradigm and exposed to the field in such a way that a participant who is desirous of making cyber security filed as one of his career can align himself/herself with one of the areas of application, network, web, system, cloud security and there were plenty of sessions to understand the basics as well as practice on the real life scenarios.

Dinesh Bareja from India Honeynet Project taking a session on Bug Bounty program

Working with Honeynet

Our experts from India Honeynet Project and ekawah was in the campus several times during the session to provide sessions on honeynet functioning and deployment. Our team of experts also gone ahead and deployed C&C server at Meerut campus and three types of honeypots for further study, research and development purposes.

Legal Aspects of Cyberspace

There are areas of legality in all aspects of cyberspace which is becoming the mainstream economic platform for transactions as well as the preferred communication medium. Our panel of legal experts were in the campus during the program to help participants understand the legal aspect of cyber world and how to protect one’s interests and stay protected, in a way adopting best practices of uses.

Nitish Chandan taking the session on legal aspects

Sessions on Blockchain

Blockchain is the new trust framework of cyberspace and the implementations has started already in different domains. The students has been exposed to the blockchain essentials and also the kind of implementations it has and the future scopes.Session on Hyperledger, one of the permissioned blockchain framework from Linux Foundation was also taken.

Experts speak on working with teams from different geographies

India is an outsourcing country and the students in their professional life need to interact with different geographies and societies while working in an IT organization. The panel of experts having 15+ years of experience in different geographies handling large projects were taking sessions on what are the skills and abilities one need to actually learn and adopt which will help in their professional lives ahead.

Purnendu SIngh from CPF taking the session on working in different geographies

Research opportunities in India and Abroad

Students had an opportunity to interact with researchers across the world through Skype  , in one of the session Dr. Monowar Bhyan from UMEA, Sweden interacted with students about opportunities of research in cyber security space. It was an enlightening session where he has discussed about his research also and the use of AI in network security devices.

Student Speak

My name is Abhishek Suran and i am pursuing my B-Tech in computer science from BHARAT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MEERUT). Being a computer science student , i tried to gain knowledge from all resources that were available. One day i got opportunity to join summer internship at CYBER PEACE FOUNDATION . Being an intern at CPF is like an opportunity to show your skills to top level people in the industry. I am thankful to Anand sir (my mentor) and CPF team for guiding me and showing me the right path and giving me an opportunity to work for CPF on LATENCY PROJECT. This project has taught me many things like taking responsibility , working as a team , my weak and strong points etc .
Abhishek Suran
My name is Kanwaljit Singh and I'm pursuing my Bachelors in CS with Spl. in Cloud Computing from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. Being a software engineering student, I endeavoured to pick up information from all assets that were available.During my late summer I got a chance to join a internship at Cyber Peace Foundation.Being a intern at CPF resembles a chance to demonstrate your abilities to top level individuals in the industry.I'm appreciative to Anand Raje Sir as my mentor and CPF group for directing me and demonstrating to me the correct way and giving me a chance to work for CPF on Latency Project.I have learn the new technologies during implementation of this Latency Project and furthermore got the idea of it's significance in current digital era.We have built a Latency Probe Analyser tool that can help the various organisations in their future plans to check their application performance for it's end users.Moreover, this intern has shown me numerous things like taking responsibility, working as a team, giving work on due dates and so on.
Kanwaljit Singh

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