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CPF Technical Community Connect Program [CTCCP] 2018

CPF Technical Community Connect Program [CTCCP] 2018

E-Kawach & Setting up Internet Engineering and Research Lab

Ranchi | Mumbai | Meerut | Dehradun | Delhi
Alex Dunbar-Brooks
International Cyber Policy Economist, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom
Our Experts Team

The program is a way to connect with the technical community working on the E-Kawach project and learning the future scope of research and development. The overall effort will bring the community voice and will help in drafting our future course of action plans and milestones.

The programs will have following scopes

  1. Connecting with the technical community
  2. On boarding new comers. A session on honey net project for the newcomers
  3. Discussion with the mentors and understanding challenges and requirements
  4. Forming a local team towards a collaborative approach of development
  5. Drafting the future scope of development
  6. Setting up Internet Engineering and research Lab and involving IETF practitioners partnering with ISOC Kolkata Chapter

The effort will deliver a comprehensive report highlighting scopes and based on community inputs we will develop a plan for future course of action, which will be circulated in the community for comments and adoption.

Interested stakeholders will be approached for support and collaboration based on the report.

Panel of Mentors and Contributors for the program (Some of them will connect remotely and contribute towards the report development)

  • Vineet Kumar – CyberPeace Foundation
  • Dinesh Bareja – CyberPeace Foundation – India Honeynet Project
  • Dr. Faruk Kazi – VJTI Mumbai
  • Prof. Vishal Kaushik – UPES Dehradun
  • Prof. Kshitiz Saxena – BIT Meerut
  • Deep Shankar – CyberPeace Foundation – India Honeynet Project
  • Jayesh Thakur – Accenture
  • Abhijan Bhattacharyya – TCS Innovation Labs – IETF Contributor
  • Dr. Monowar Bhuyan – UMEA, Sweden
  • Anand Raje – CyberPeace Foundation

The Program

  1. 2 day Workshop on E-Kawach – CPF Ranchi HQ –  CPF Ranchi Headquarters –  12th – 13th September
  2. Roundtable, discussion on Scada Honeypot, IE&R lab Setup – VJTI Mumbai –  14th September
  3. Meeting with Maharashtra Police on the needs of early warning system – Mumbai Police – 14th September
  4. The Meerut C&C Server implementation and discussion,IE&R lab Setup  – BIT Meerut – 15th September
  5. Roundtable and workshop on future scope of work, IE&R lab Setup – UPES Dehradun – 16th September
  6. Meeting in various government and other stakeholders – New Delhi – 17th September

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